faq from our facebook page

Q: Do you have a sedan or people mover ?
A: We ave a luxury Mercedes People mover that is more like a limo inside.
Q; Can you handle large amounts of luggage ?
A: Yes, we have a large luggage trailer.
Q: What parts of Perth does Executive Town Car Service cover?
A: We cover all of Perth from our base in Burswood.
Q: Do you accept Cabcharge for payment.
A: Yes, we accept electronic processing.
Q: What is the hourly rate to hire the driver and vehicle ?
A: The hourly rate is $80.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.
Q: Do you provide refreshments for clients.
A: WA licensing laws state that clients are allowed to consume alcohol in Charter Vehicles provided the alcohol is supplied by the clients and that there are no minors in the vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol in our veicles. We provide bottled water to clients arriving on flights.
Q: If I loose my receipt can I obtain a duplicate copy.
A: If you pay by credit card just drop us a line and we will email you a duplicate copy.